(Photo above provided by Jeremías Pérez Artiga/

By Andrew Haubner

In the final day of qualifying for the 2014 Cosmos Copa, several New York City teams advanced into the group stage. Mexico, Ecuador, Ireland, Albania, Serbia, the Ivory Coast, Afghanistan and Haiti all moved on.

The games were once again hotly contested. Several matches were only one or two goal affairs, but there were also some shows of offensive power.

Mexico was one of the first teams to qualify, winning Group A with all nine points. After defeating Scotland 2-0 and edging Croatia 1-0, El Tri NYC managed to defeat Turkey 3-0 to secure their spot in the tournament. 

Greece and Ecuador in particular had great second weeks of qualifying, finishing in their group tied at seven points. What was truly remarkable about the group was the stunning goal differential totals. Ecuador advanced on a tiebreaker, with a differential of 11 to Greece's 10.

Ireland and Albania won their respective groups with little trouble, winning all three games in qualifying. Albania played especially well today, defeating Colombia 4-0 and Japan 5-1.

After Brazil's team was disqualified from the tournament, Serbia made the most of a three-team table, edging Peru on the second tiebreaker at the end of the day. Tied on goal differential, Serbia's total goals scored (5) broke the deadlock with Peru, who scored 4 goals.

Over in Group H, Haiti had another strong showing to follow up their win over Guinea last week. After defeating Guyana and the Ukraine, the Haitians cemented their spot in the Copa group stage.

The Ivory Coast, after drawing with Togo 0-0, managed to win the group on a goal differential advantage of 5-4.

Overall it was a tightly contested qualifying tournament, with multiple groups needing a tiebreaker to decide who would qualify.